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2 years ago I hit rock bottom, I dug SO deep with support to find my inner warrior again.
You may wonder what 'PW' stands for? Well, it stands for 'Princess Warrior', which is the meaning of my name 'Sarah Louise' and also so fitting given the struggles I've come through!


As a young child I had 2 key influences in my life, one was my Dad, and the other my nan "Audrey'. My Dad was sports crazy, after work, he would run for miles with black bin liners on, come home & hook his feet under the sofa and do 100's of sit ups (to which I would copy him with my feet hooked under the sofa too), he weight trained (one arm pull up always sticks in my mind) and he played table tennis for Kent.

His dedication and passion is all I saw from such a young age and it's installed in me and in my blood and genes.

As for my 2nd influence, this was and still is my nan, 'Audrey'. I loved her so much, she was everything a woman should be and so strong in her own ways.

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Since I can remember I've been involved in sports. I danced, I played netball for the county, I competed in the athletics district, but my sport was Karate, I did it for 17 years & reached black belt 2nd dan, with my first dan being acheived at only aged 12 (my Mum begged me to do something more "girlie").

At 14 I was Kent womens champion and I went on later to compete twice at the English Nationals.

BTech National Sports Science Qualification, followed by 21 years of an office job in London in the finance industry - not where I thought I'd end up, which was personal training & influencing others & having my own gym.

So now I'm a personal trainer (as I should have been) and wanting to help all of you women.

- PW x

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