What a month Ladies – Oh the Juggle

Well, great news is, as you can see, my website for ‘PW Womens fitness’ has now gone live and I hope you enjoy reading about what I want to achieve with me and clients versus daily life and kids, that is different to everyone else, reading about who I am, my influences, my passions, and so much more, including training videos upon training videos:-)

Also my Womens Only Home Fitness Studio is ready hehe, so exciting, can’t wait for some of you to hopefully come see it.

However, you would not believe the last 6 weeks if I told you aside from the above, All I can say is: EXERCISE IS MAGIC for Mental well-being as well as giving confidence (your own individual womanly inner warrior confidence) to feel good in yourself.

To keep it short and sweet;

Apart from being a full time “Taximum” to my two sons ( age 13 and 15) for school runs (forgotten Pe Kits so back home and to the school again (I know we’ve all been there)), football, Rugby, cricket, their friend time, plus now a girlfriend eeeeeek (so my eldest tells me the other day, ‘mum we have our 3 month anniversary coming up, and mum it’s her birthday’, so I’m oh ok angel, but really what does that exactly mean?!? Of course, I know what it means, it means Super mum to the rescue lol), and that’s just naming some of it as many of you women all know:-). one last thing on this, I honestly swear boys wear more than girls somehow).

I was then diagnosed with Colitis and learning about that end of March.

3 weeks ago, also having my apt at Guys Hospital regarding my preventive double Mastectomy because I carry the BRCA2 mutated gene, that increases my risk of breast cancer to 90% of ovarian 45-60%, (so, yes, ovaries I’ve been told have to be removed but I have a few years yet left for that). All so crazy Right!

Last week my youngest son was in hospital for Atypical pneumonia, after nights of no sleep and matchsticks working with my eyelids during the day:-), however, I really do wish I could swap it from him to me.

I can’t believe I got through all of the above, but I’d did because I had my new Womens only home studio, I made sure I made those tiny 20-30 mins all to myself forgetting everything through exercising, smiling and working out to a great music playlist (even if I do say so myself) although I would like to hear what some of your fave tunes are to work out too?

Just 20 – 30 mins dedicated to ME and feeling better for it as a result by getting that sweat on during the short workout.

Ladies no treadmills in sight, no bikes, no rowers.

My workouts are wicked and not only that you get YOU time even if it is for 20 – 30 mins. You’ll definitely forget everything and smile and sweat with whatever music motivates you haha.

Looking forward to next week.

PW x


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